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22 June 2007 @ 12:20 am
I N T R O D U C T I O N  

Amsterdam, 2312. It is a dark, yet inviting night in the streets of the Red Light District. Scantily clad women beckon to you with well-rehearsed words and a few mastered winks from their posts on the street in front of decrepit brothels. They just aren’t what you came here for, and they all appear the same as you continue along the tortuous paths deeper and deeper into the sinful nightlife.

Suddenly it’s as if you stumbled upon a hidden gem, a secret hiding in an old attic, a diamond in the rough… and you wonder how you have gotten along this far without it.

You’ve reached the Midnight Silk Pavillion, the city’s premier “for male, by male” whorehouse. Beyond the ebony, silver-encrusted doors lay a world of fantasies made into realities, ecstasy unlike anything imaginable, and an array of entertainment to keep even the most fickle of men interested and coming back panting for more.


Say hello to the Unf House Roleplaying Game! This is a Multi-Fandom Livejournal RP, and it takes place in Amsterdam’s Red Light District in the year 2312.

This is an AU -alternate universe- game, therefore, your characters have been stripped of all their canon. In this game, there are no supernatural powers, ninjas, cursed scrolls, Heartless, etc. etc. It is a place much like the world we as players live in today. Despite the fact that it takes place in the future, there is a touch of antiquity in its style and character. It isn’t unusual to see someone walking down the street wearing a top hat and a tuxedo jacket on their way home from work.

This game is centered around the lives of the whores, employees and customers of Midnight Silk Pavillion. It is a whorehouse, established by a man known as Axel that features male whores (hustlers) who work to serve the desires and needs of male customers. Here, anything can happen. And oh boy, do we mean anything.

Game play takes place through the characters' individual journals and the collective communities of the game.

All those RP’s that tell you to leave the smut at the door? Well, we’re just the antithesis of them all! We want your cracked out pairings, downright dirty ideas, and NC-17 logs cluttering up the place. We want yaoi smut (and fluff), and we want it in the form of good RPing. Yeah, we're that RP your mommy warns you to stay away from.

All characters should behave in what we term a semi-IC manner. This means that while they will be in a most definitely OOC setting and exposed to OOC actions and events, they should try to remain as IC as possible PERSONALITY WISE.

Excited yet? Good, because there’s lots more to be found among our game.

The following belong to the Unf House collective and should be closely watched by all players:

weeklyunf- The general message board for all characters to post ads, read news, post reviews, and read requests.

unfwhores- The private community for all whores and employees of the Midnight Silk Pavillion to discuss business related events and ideas.

unflogs- The log community where you may post your third-person IC interactions.

unfooc- The OOC community for players to post notices, plot, and discuss the game.

unf_madams- The moderator journal which contains taken characters, rooms, costumes, contact info, and friend’s add.

goodguidetounf- All the information you as a potential player need to learn how to apply and get accustomed to the way things will be played.

unf_npc- The NPC account for non-playable characters necessary to the game.

Welcome to Unf House! Let us know what we can do to service you~