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21 June 2007 @ 11:18 pm
E L E C T O N I C   J O U R N A L S   &   I N T E R N E T  


In Amsterdam, the Internet is a communication tool used by all members of the RP. Your characters can access message boards, the web, instant messaging, email, and electronic journals.


All whores and employees at the Midnight Silk Pavillion will receive their own personal journal. Whores are given an identical, small black electronic journal that connects to the internet and can be used to record whatever they like. Journal entries may be private, viewable to the public, and filtered to specific people. Please mark each entry according to the proper settings, or put a note as to which parts of an entry are private/viewable to certain characters.

Customers presumably have their own personal journals as well. They may use all the same settings as whores. Again, please mark the settings of the post in the header or within the entry itself.

Characters have the opportunity to use live video feed and post it in their electronic journals. This is similar to posting a video or a having a webcam. If posting in this format, mark it as such in the heading and put it in whatever format you wish to illustrate what is occurring in the video feed.

All entries and comments should be in first person format. Video feeds may be written in third person format, but all responses should be in first person format as if they viewers are commenting on a video, such as you would on YouTube.

There are also two prominent message boards within the community, the message board reserved solely for the Midnight Silk Pavillion's employees, unfwhores, and the message board for all characters to use weeklyunf. Only whores, assistants, teachers, protectors, and employees may access the whore community, and it is to be used for announcements, rules, punishments, schedules, and business purposes. The general mesage board is for ads (by either customers or whores), reviews of the Pavillion, announcements, general citywide news, requests, and anything else viewable to the entire network.


Characters all have their own personal emails. You are allowed to create them, but there are a few formatting requirements.

Employee emails should look something like (created name here)@midnigt-silk.net
Customer emails should look something like (created name here)@intermail.com

Characters may email each other as you see fit, and all email sessions may be posted in the form of a journal entry. In the header, put the email address and character’s name that you are trying to contact. Comment replies should be written as though they are the “email response” to the email in the post.

Instant messaging is also a technology all characters are capable of using. You may create an actual screename for your character to use (you yourself, as the player that is), though this is not required. You may also choose to simply make it up and use it only for logging purposes. When an IM conversation takes place, it should be posted in the logs community and tagged appropriately.

If you have any questions, please contact the moderators or visit the Q&A page!