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20 June 2007 @ 09:03 pm
R U L E S  

1. BE ACTIVE. We require that you post at least once a week, but of course, the more the better. If you fail to do so, you will be kicked out of the game after three warnings. Also, please note that HIATUS can last up to ONE MONTH.

2. Be respectful, and try to use common sense; flames, drama and the like will get you banned. After three strikes, you're out!

3. God-Moding is NOT allowed. You're forbidden to do anything that would restrict the play of another player, unless both parts have an agreement. The only exception to that applies for hustlers; customers are allowed to take control, just make sure not to go overboard.

4. There is NO age restriction whatsoever; however, please keep in mind that this community is NC-17 and WILL contain NC-17 entries as well as male/male interaction. If you can't handle that kind of things, think carefully before joining. MATURE PLAYERS ONLY.

5. Please type properly.

6. NO RESERVATIONS ALLOWED; no, you can't reserve any character. This is to ensure that no one holds up applications. Based on experience, first come first serve is the best method and will be used at this RP. However, please note that this rule will not apply in the case we'd get more than one applications for the same character; allow up to 72 hours for your application to be approved or rejected.

7. Maximum of 3 characters per person; note that you are not allowed to play more than 2 hustlers.


8. Don't assume you need a plot for your character to be doing something (even though yes, there will be events and such). Make things up and be creative!

9. Because the RP is AU, it is important to understand that while we do not expect your character to be perfectly IC, we do expect them to maintain their 'canon' personality, or at least, the main traits. Of course, we realize this sounds a little... silly. Allow us to explain; for example, a character like Sora [Kingdom Hearts] is not going to suddenly start swearing like a sailor or start reading War and Peace for a bedtime story. Got it?

10. You are required to make a tagged reference post (in your character's livejournal) with your character's application, just so all the players know who they are. You can also put it all in your character's profile, if you prefer.

11. PLEASE F-LOCK ALL NC-17 MATERIAL IN ANY COMMUNITY THAT YOU POST IN. This is for legal purposes. If you forget, mods will either do it or remind you, but PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NECESSARY.