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20 June 2007 @ 06:55 pm
U N F H O U S E   G A M E P L A Y  

The UNF HOUSE RP will be played in both third and first person format via livejournals. The third person part will take place in the log community {unflogs}, and the first person format will take place in your character’s livejournals, within AIM conversations and in the business board {unfwhores | used by employees of Midnight Silk Pavillion only}. These two types of writing are never to intermix.

The format of your first person entries and posts are entirely up to you as a player, but we ask, for the sake of organization, that you follow one for the third person entries.

Begin all threads with the following;


1. Please use the format we offer, and COPY/PASTE it all, it'll make things much easier! Also, the tag system is your FRIEND. Remember it well.


3. Label your logs, and put some warnings if necessary! Make sure to include EVERYTHING that's happening in your log. No one wants a SURPRISE thing they don't like. Some people are squeamish on rape, for instance, so if you don't label it as rape... some of us aren't going to be happy campers.

4. AIM logs are allowed; just clean it up {replace your screenames by your characters' usernames} and post everything in unflogs.


When replying to a two-person thread in the log community, it’s generally a good idea to have one person reply to the main post every other turn while the person who created the post simply replies to the comment. In a thread with 3+ characters, everyone should reply to the main post. It will look cleaner, save a lot of people the confusion of having to go through collapsed threads, and be easier to read overall.

When participating in third person logs, PLEASE complete your logs before moving onto another third person thread. You MAY NOT start or participate in another thread until the one you started is finished and marked as such. You are allowed to post first-person in your character’s journal as long as it does not interfere with the time-frame or events occurring in the log. If you are stuck in a log due to hiatus, inactivity, etc. and it extends beyond TWO WEEKS with no posting from any player, you may discuss with the other player(s) whether or not you feel it is best to move on. If all involved agree, you may move on, but first please notify a moderator or post it in the OOC community. Please be sure you clear up what occurred in the log or what was supposed to occur so that your character can continue as though it really did.


If you are in a thread and require a person who is NOT an official character in the game, you’ll require an NPC, or non-playable character. There is an NPC account unf_npc for your convenience. Both players and moderators can participate as NPC’s. If you would like to request an NPC, post it in the OOC community unfooc with “Request for an NPC” as the subject, a link to the log thread, type of NPC, and anything specific you may require from said NPC. This account is NOT to be abused, however, and you must IM a moderator for the password to log in and use it accordingly if one of us is not already covering the role.


As said before, characters may have IC 'IM conversations'. Just remember that it should be in first person format; don't forget to replace your AIM screename by your character's lj username and/or name. When posting it in the log community, you must mark it as 'IM conversation'.


Any out-of-character/OOC interaction should take place in the OOC community unfooc. This is where you should post hiatus notices, ask questions, plot, make random observations, etc. There is an OOC chat room on AIM as well, unfunf. Feel free to drop in, there will most likely be people in there and lots of activity!

If you have any questions before applying, please either visit the Question and Answer page, or email/IM a moderator.
If you have questions during your RPing experience here at UNF HOUSE, leave a note in the OOC community or contact a moderator/players accordingly.